Matira Poko, Company Loko

Earth Worm, Company Man

Filmed on repeated expeditions to the most remote areas of Orissa, inhabited by the Baiga and the Khond, this work is the result of the close tie the authors (two brothers) formed with the aboriginal tribal peoples. The narrator is Bhagavan Majhi, one of the leaders of the movement against the Kashipur aluminium mine, where in 2000 many aborigines were killed in police skirmishes. The entrenched resistance in this bauxite-rich area has hardened since the arrival of powerful, aggressive mining companies such as Mittal, Posco and the multinational Vedanta, in particular, which, in complete disregard of the law and objections issued by the Indian Supreme Court, has occupied the summit of Bapla-Mali, the tribes' sacred mountain. The film begins and ends with a hypnotic chant by Salo Majhi, who admonishes, "Can't you see the dangers? / What is happening to us today / will happen to you tomorrow. / For no one is safe."



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