Cacciatori sottomarini

Underwater Hunters

A debut documentary for the"The boys in Panaria Film'", who, bearing the intention of filming the underwater world, will be remembered as the first to have revealed the marvels of underwater fishing, then still considered a very unusual sport in Italy. All breathing apparatus failing to exist, the sole use of a customised 35mm and stamina produced the entirely skin diving footage which rounds off a small film, an utter harbinger of the gender. Fully shot in the Aeolian isles not yet invaded by mass tourism, when they were still the land of under forced residence people and political internees, the documentary has also the credit of showing the astonishing archipelago which hallowed by Rossellini with Stromboli, terra di Dio (1949/51) and by Dieterle with Vulcano (1949).

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05 June - 11 June 2023

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