Tunny-Fishing Nets

On show is the millennia fishing tradition in quest of the massive tunas weighing something between 100 and 400 kilos populating the Mediterranean sea. A fishing technique based on a complex net system and sometimes impressively long as it can cover a 10 kilometre stretch. Sicily is the region with the greatest concentration of tonnare, the tunny-fishing nets, and fishermen. The crucial moment of this very peculiar fishing practise is the "mattanza", the cruel killing ritual, in which the final epic duel between man and beast comes at an end in an excruciating scene of deafening shouting and deathly uproar in a blood-red sea.The impressive shots of the camera della morte, an enclosure provided by tougher netting, brusquely reveal a new imagery of the underwater world in film making after the successful christening of the scuba camera in Cacciatori sottomarini. The spectacular blunt images are heightened by the sounds and voices recorded with one of the first wire-recorders produced by Panaria.

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26° Festival


05 June - 11 June 2023

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