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Towards new suburbs

Living in Trashtown is not so easy! Inhabitants of the northern side of Turin do know it! They have been sharing their lives for more than 50 years with one of the biggest garbage dump, with industrial incinerator, with toxic waste dump, with animal carrions incinerator, with unauthorized dumps, with scrap dealers scattered everywhere, with garbage stockpiling firms, with heavy traffic carrying trash in this area from all Piedmont. And everything happens inside a highly polluted industrial estate, where citizens breathe stinking air.
The fact is that Trashtown, locked inside ten or so square kilometres, has turned this area from a green lung for all the city of Turin to a district where no people can live, where inhabitants have the feeling to be seen as second or third class citizens. A quarter whose people is asking who is going to pay for all the suffered damages.
And yet, these areas are still scattered with farmhouses, giving the land a peculiar charm, consonant with men, sketching the old days life, when, in those courtyards, people could both work and celebrate, following the old traditions.
But we know so well that who live in other places, far from the dumps, think throwing garbage is just the final gesture of a process while it is the beginning of a long and complex route, which must absolutely be learnt and shared by all citizens; in fact they must understand the risks coming from the nonseparate collection of rubbish, the non-activation of recycling, and from the unbridled shopping of disposable stuffs, and the huge quantities of useless packages.
In this video, the farmers living in the suburb tell, through some anecdotes in a kind of amarcord, something about the old days and how their fields were worthwhile according to farming and landscape, they go on telling us how traumatically landscape changed "thanks to" garbage. Then, a volunteer, member of an environmentalist association, will walk with us through an unexpected road, to show what happens in the trash quarter.
In a hypermarket, while she is being interviewed, a committed lady member of a northern Turin local council, pushed by the proper wish to know what happens in her own territory, and willing to defend it, explains the importance of buying sustainable things to find out a solution to produce less garbage.



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