Time Thieves. Your Time is their Business

Ladri di tempo. Il tuo tempo è il loro business
by Cosima Dannoritzer Spain, France 2018 52'

Forget about water, oil, and rare metals for a moment. There’s a new natural resource everyone is talking about: time. An international survey via interviews with intellectuals and experts on the value of time and how its monetization in today’s predominant economic system influences our daily life. We have to print out our own boarding pass and check in our luggage, assemble a piece of furniture, or deal with automatic cashier machines. But have we ever wondered how much our efforts save companies time and money? And what are our chances of regaining control over the time we spend on these tasks during our work and personal lives; is our time resource is irremediably depleted?


Cosima Dannoritzer


Polar Star Films, Yuzu Productions


Spain, France

Film submission

26° Festival


05 June - 11 June 2023

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