Thyssenkrupp Blues

by Monica Repetto, Pietro Balla Fiction Italia/Italy 2008 73'

This is the painful story of Carlo, worker no. 722775 at the ThyssenKrupp steel mill in Turin. He had moved here from southern Italy to become a theater actor and ended up working at this Turin steel mill, sadly known by many due to recent coverage in the news. The workers there were constantly in fear of cutbacks, layoffs. They were always coping with deplorable substandard work conditions, unbearable shifts and a total lack of safety. Pietro Balla and Monica Repetto tell the bitter story of the unsafe work conditions and the anger and frustration of the leading character. The story ends up being one of the most horrible work-related tragedies of the past several years.<%YOUTUBE=Sy6EqrpD1YE%>



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