Cassa da vivo - Gli espropriati

There's no fun in fund! - The Dispossessed
by Giacomo Ferrante Documentary Italia 2003 54'

This is a work in progress, shot in Turin, catching going on images and words, during political meetings, demonstrations, marches, debates, taken from the point of view of fighting off people (wandering from the struggle of Fiat workers to camps for mi- grants, from thoughts about cinema and its world to the conditions of people expelled and/or excluded from job market).The main characters are five people in their 30s and another one, much older, who can compare between contemporary firings in Fiat with those of Eighties; between the attitude to- wards Southern Italy migrants and the new ones. Everything seen from the peculiar, but uncomfortable, very uncomfortable, maybe intolerable position of people who live out of wage implementation funds. There is no fun in fund!


Giacomo Ferrante



Film submission

26° Festival


05 June - 11 June 2023

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