The toxins return

by Inge Altemeier 2009 45'

Your clothing could be killing you. Workers at H&M stores in Germany have been getting sick, and the culprit may be traces of toxic chemicals used to dye and soften the fabrics. This sobering documentary moves from the shelves of Europe's giant discount retailers to the textile plants of Tirupur, India, where workers wade in baths of toxic bleaches and dyes, unaware of the health risks. Other chemicals are discovered in toys shipped from China, or trapped in the containers that transport the goods, waiting to poison the port workers that open them. (A scene at a conference of Dutch transport unions underlines the point with chilling immediacy.) With recent concerns over contaminated food and toys making international headlines, The Toxins Return is a timely look at how banned substances like Methyl Bromide infiltrate our wardrobes and nurseries.


Inge Altemeier

Film submission

24° Festival


01 October - 06 October 2021

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