The Nuclear Issue

by Ugo Fabrizio Giordani Documentary ITALIA/ITALY 2009 75'

Erica is assigned a paper on atomic energy. Knowing little about the subject, she asks advice from her cousin, a university physics researcher. Thus begins her enquiry, which becomes a real docufiction, into a topic of renewed interest which will lead her to interview noted opinion leaders (scientists Carolo Rubbia and Umberto Veronesi; cabinet minister Claudio Scajola; intellectual Dario Fo). Erica continues her research by going to France to film the Chinon nuclear power plant and to interview former Minister for the Environment Brice La Londe. Then she examines the documentation on the Chernobyl disaster. Armed with a clearer idea, she can now begin to write up her research. <%YOUTUBE=ZrRdFxc8r4w%>  



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