Lo specchio

The Mirror
by David Christensen Documentary Italia/Italy, Canada 2009 85'

Despite its modern appearance, the village of Viganella is largely uninhabited, a pale remnant of a once florid community. The village mayor, and one of its few younger residents, has a dream: to erect a huge mirror on the mountain towering over the village in order to reflect light down into the village during the months when it receives nary a ray of sunlight. This would not only light up the village in winter but also encourage the villagers to come out of their homes and persuade others to continue to live there. Will he manage to realize his dream or will it be a final futile attempt, worthy of a tourist curiosity, against the village's ultimate destiny?<%YOUTUBE=hO8YrdpAn40%>


David Christensen


Italia/Italy, Canada

Film submission

23° Festival


01 October - 04 October 2020

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