La marcia dei pinguini

The Emperor's Journey
by Luc Jacquet Documentary Usa, Francia 2005 80'

A compelling tale about the life of the emperor penguins, where the key element in their fight for survival against winter is love. Suspended in the visual and sonorous silence of the Antarctic Ocean, the film follows the annual adventure these seemingly clumsy animals undertake on an arduous trek from their usual habitat in the north (at the ocean face where food is abundant) to their breeding grounds in the south (where the ice shelf is bleak but stable). Males and females call one another and form permanent pairs united in a pact of love that is their only chance of ensuring the brood will survive at -40 ° C. Met with overwhelming success, this film is the result of the near-heroic efforts of Luc Jacquet and his team but also of nature itself, a wellspring of extraordinary stories.


Luc Jacquet


Usa, Francia

Film submission

26° Festival


05 June - 11 June 2023

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