The Day the Earth Caught Fire

by Val Guest Fiction Regno Unito 1961 98'

Two contemporary explosions (caused by Americans and Russians testing their nuclear weapons at the same time at opposite poles) jolt the Earth's axis out of alignment hurtling the planet towards the sun. Temperature grows, water is scarce: the world seems to be doomed to become one massive fireball. While scientists from all over the world rack their brains to find a solution, people yield to panic and hysteria losing any respect for civilised living. To jolt the Earth back on its orbit inducing new nuclear explosions seems to be the only possible solution. The uncertainty of the outcome's success is the cliff-hanging conclusion of a work which condemns the relentless nuclear weapon escalation at the time of the Cold War.


Val Guest


Regno Unito

Film submission

26° Festival


05 June - 11 June 2023

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