The Corporation

by Jennifer Abbott, Mark Achbar Documentary Canada 2003 145'

Multinationals nowadays have a very important role, which once used to belong to the Church or the Monarchy. They represent the domineering institution which, more than any other, determines the way we ought to live, on which we have no control, even though from a juridical point of view they have the same statute as a person. But no person would put profit before anything else just like that? Pollution, inhuman working conditions, frauds and violations of the most basic ethical rules are a daily basis routine within the economical policies of the giants of commerce, capable of heavily conditioning the political life of every country. A very sharp and disillusioned view on a vibrant denounciation film which expresses indignation towards the unpunished crimes of these modern masters.<%YOUTUBE=ZzN4DB5c4jM%>



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