Il cane giallo della Mongolia

The Cave of the Yellow Dog
by Byambasuren Davaa Fiction Mongolia, Germania 2005 93'

In the endless wilds of Mongolia, a 5-member family leads a life cut off from civilization. Like their ancestors, they breed sheep in harmony with nature. While tending the flocks, 6-year-old Nansa happens onto a cave where he finds a small black and white spotted dog he names Zochor. One day, however, he loses trace of the dog. While searching for it he meets an old nomad woman who tells him the moving tale of the yellow dog of Mongolia. The main theme of the film is mankind's strong ties with nature as represented by the ancient bond between humans and dogs. In this simply told story, touched upon but rarely shown themes are reincarnation and the relationship between technology and modern society.<%YOUTUBE=MRiD5B2rKOg%>

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