Il 12° annuale della vittoria in Campidoglio

The 12th Annual Celebration of Victory at Campidoglio

The documentary is set at Campidoglio (Rome Town Hall) on the occasion of the celebrations for the Italian victory over the Central European Empires' armies during the First World War. Ex-servicemen march on parade, while everybody acclaims the Duce. The main part of the ceremony, the Duce's speech, takes place beside Marcus Aurelius' statue. After praising the courage of the soldiers, who had "destroyed" the enemy armies twelve years before, he asks Italian youth to swear allegiance to "the Fascist revolution's cause, which does not ensure honours or high offices, but the future of the country". The documentary ends with the image of the Duce joining the crowd.



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05 June - 11 June 2023

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