Terra fantasma

The life of the Ju/'Hoansi Bushmen, one of the most ancient cultures on our planet in the vast Kalahari desert has changed: the lifesaving and nurturing hunt has been forbidden by law by the Namibian government in 1990. Fences are now dividing the former endless open land of the dry savannah. The former nomads are now pressed into an unused life in fixed housing and are forced to live of spare gifts from the government or, if so, adventurous tourists. This is the base situation from which our journey starts, to visit a group of Ju/'Hoansi Bushmen in the northeast of Namibia and accompany them on a journey to the world of "the Others" as well in Namibia as also in Europe.A meeting with Duccio Canestrini (anthropologist) e Paola Della Valle (University of Torino) will be held after the showing


Simon Stadler

Film submission

26° Festival


05 June - 11 June 2023

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