The documentary opens with a pan shot of the countryside around Tarquinia. The southermost town in the ancient Etruscan reign, it is renowned for its Medieval and Renaissance towers and churches, built in the first settlements' area dating back to the period between VIII and V centuries B.C.. In the necropolis, which has only been partly dug out, the tuff graves are enriched with painted vases showing Eastern and Greek influences, the latter favoured by the development of commerce. The camera lingers on friezes, horse races scenes, sarcophagi ornamented with the dead's figure, from the rich merchant to a newly married couple. The paintings portray hunting and fishing scenes, banquets, omens caught at the moment of the prophecy, musicians, horses pawing the ground before the race. After the images of the best graves, you go back to light and to the reality of a town living on agriculture.



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05 June - 11 June 2023

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