Superottimisti - memories inverse

by Alessandro Bernard, Giulio Pedretti Experimental Italia/Italy 2008 20'

Within the Documentary in Europe Association, the Superottimisti film preservation project collects amateur films in 8mm, super8, 9.5mm and 16mm format, catalogues and archives them for public and private use. The overarching purpose is to save film heritage for future generations, conserve its historic value and extend its physical life. The cultural record of these amateur home movies constitutes an important database for scholars and documentarists wishing to supplement their works with images from original footage. Collected over the past two years, the nearly 700 reels of films made in the decades between 1930 and 1970 retain character-defining elements of regional and national history, daily life and work, and general popular pastimes. As in the past, the collaboration between Superottimisti and CinemAmbiente continues this year with a screening-performance entitled Ricordi in/ versi (Memories in/verse) and the creation of Festival caption images. Framed by music, poetry and images, the event will be held on 18 October, Home Movie Day, which was created in 2002 to promote this cultural resource and make it available to a wider public. During the event, screenings of film archive footage in super8 will be accompanied by poetry by Guido Catalano and music by Gattico & Suzuki. The footage selected for the event was assembled and edited so as to combine/ contrast with the poems, underlining the idea that personal memories tell stories any listener can readily identify with. Showcasing this year's Festival program will be caption images Superottimisti has selected from its archives. Because the collection contains a wealth of images illustrating environmental themes, often depicting the relationship between man and the environmental in an unusual manner, the use of archive material for creating caption images is an appropriate way to rework and reinterpret this cultural resource for a festival which seeks closer contact with its audience.





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