Estate 1100

by Archivio Fiat Videoclip Italia 1954 7'

A newly married couple is visiting Castel S.Angelo and S.Pietro; a girl is awaiting her fiancé in Piazza Navona; in Piazza del Popolo, two car drivers are nearly having an accident; outside S. Giovanni a family is going for a day's outing; a young pair is setting a seaside journey; the bride and bridegroom-to-be are are dining with mother-in-law in a trattoria in Monte Mario.
Characters, settings, social and family situations in a summer day among the monuments of Rome suggested by the episode movies which, in the early 50s, follow the change from "pink" neorealism to "commedia all'italiana". In the final sequence the reference is clear: Silvana Mangano and Gina Lollobrigida enter a Fiat car dealer and then come out: Mangano, proudly driving a 1100, together with the Lollobrigida enjoying the role of navigator.


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