Solartaxi - Around the World with the Sun

Solartaxi - Per il mondo con il sole
by Erik Schmitt 2010 68'

Louis Palmer, a 36-year-old Swiss teacher, has a boyhood dream of travelling around the world in a solar-powered car. The dream turned into reality on 3 July 2007 when he set off on a 2-year journey over 50,000 km, crossing five continents and 40 coun- tries, and meeting heads of state along the way, from Ban Kimoon to Prince Hassan of Jordan, all of which were thrilled at the chance to drive the car of the future. Though it didn't change the world, at least it showed that alternative energy can be used in transportation.<%YOUTUBE=guWFJ38uGLY%>


Erik Schmitt

Film submission

24° Festival


01 October - 06 October 2021

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