Nero di vongole

Sepia Clams
by Alessandro Gaeta Documentary Italia 2000 50'

Spaghetti, clams and dioxin. The clams are those collected in Venice lagoon: the good ones, coming from the clean waters of a paradise miraculously resisting man's attacks; the poachers' ones, collected in the canals facing Porto Marghera petrochemical plant, the largest poison factory in Italy.Once more Sciuscià leads us into deregulated Italy.What exactly do those clams contain? Sciuscià had some analyses done. The result is that they contain the same substances for which Enichem and Montedison managers have been taken to court on the charge of slaughter, the same poisons that caused the death of 500 workers in the petrochemical company.Only the victims' relatives are aware of the ecological bomb lying underneath one of the world's most beautiful places. Their perseverance only has made the trial possible.


Alessandro Gaeta



Film submission

26° Festival


05 June - 11 June 2023

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