Scena/ri di sostenibilità 2003 - Il progetto 2

Scena/ri di sostenibilità 2003 - Il progetto
Italia 2003

A course/competition to make a video on the subject of sustainable development: daily routine and imaginary life, pictured from the environmental, economical and social point of view. Second edition of SCENE/RIES OF SUSTAINABILITY shown within the International Festival CINEMAMBIENTE, as last year. This project has been devised to carry out effective works on environmental communication, offering a chance to all concerned people to express their original ideas related to environmental topics. The audiovisual tool has been chosen for its communicative impact. Through five work groups who made five video-reports, SCENE/RIES OF SUSTAINABILITY has created the conditions of a training path to enhance the students/competitors experiences in the field of environmental sustainability and to supply all technical and cultural tools for the audiovisual making. The five video-reports shoot the angle of people deeply rooted in our areas trying to yield even small changes; so they help the testing of new communication strategies to face complex problems of public interest.





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05 June - 11 June 2023

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