Breaking the Bank

Documentary Usa 2000 74'

Realised during the protests held in Washington, with the occasion of I.MF and MB summit, is similar to Showdown in Seattle from the point of view of production and distribution, but in a more analytical way. Trough a skilled editing, the voices of the partecipants are assembled to offer a deep analysis of how IMF and MB, together with WTO, deliberately promove the human and environmental exploitation and impoverishment in underdeveloped countries, of how the support the dictatorships and contriobute to the diffusion of conflicts. The story of an Indian from Guatemala, arrived in Washington to testify the extermination of his village, which stood in the way of a project financed by BM, is one of the most touching moments. Moreover are screened the participants training to the tecniques of non violent resistance as well as the police abuses and brutalities.



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05 June - 11 June 2023

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