Recipes for Disaster

Ricette per il disastro
by John Webster Documentary Finlandia/Finland 2008 85'

This painfully funny film pokes at our mistakes and the insignificant things we do without noticing that they have created and are exacerbating the ecologic crisis. Can we live without using petroleum derivatives or increasing CO2 emissions? Director, his wife and two children show us how: without abandoning the habits of a normal Finnish family, we can do without a car or products sold in plastic containers. A difficult road to travel but told with irony and intelligence, showing that our dependence on petroleum derivatives is one of the most significant problems of our times. Just for the record: the annual world consumption of oil equals the amount of water that flows over Niagara Falls in 25 days. Impressive, isn't it. The film was one of the most popular documentaries seen in Finland.<%YOUTUBE=q9ecxtr_8b4%> 


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