Quando l'Italia non era un paese povero

by Stefano Missio Documentary Italia 1996 45'

"Until 1996 the original reels of Ivens' L'Italia non è un paese povero could not be found in Italy. There was no trace of them either in the RAI or the ENI archives.Though the only copy thought remaining was kept in the Cineteca Nazionale, it was in English and twenty minutes shor ter than the original film, with commentary that had been completely revised. After extensive research, it was discovered that copies of the film as originally planned by Ivens we re located in three different European archives..." (Stefano Missio). Through per tinent images and interviews with protagonists, this documentary explores the birth and complex making of the lone film Joris Ivens made in Italy. The political context, working conditions, censored cuts and problems in finding the original version of L'Italia non è un paese povero, which had been considered lost for more than thirty years, reemerge with the re-discovery of a work that is of much greater importance than was everled to believe by the official censor.With simplicity and precision, this documentary by Stefano Missio re-creates a panorama that is indispensable to further understanding Ivens' intentions and work.


Stefano Missio



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