Mayday 2000. Reclaim the Streets

Primo maggio 2000. Riprendersi le strade
by IndipendentMdia Center UK Documentary Regno Unito 2000 20'

The activity of the London Indipendent Media Centers starts with the demostrations organised during the First of May, on the basis of Seattle and Washington Indymedias experiences and indipendent groups from London, which have documented the anticapitalistic demostrations in London trough internet and, at the same time, in other countries on June of last year. This video selection, originally diffused and still on the London IMC.web site, shows the main moments of demonstration: the multicoulored bike procession from Hyde Park Corner to Parliament Square (Critical Mass Bicycle); the guerrilla gardening action (Guerrilla Gardening), in which pieces of green meadow are laid down the Parliament Square, while people dancing in swimming costume; the unfailing demonstration against McDonald's; the attempt of connecting the demonstrators with the Rover and Ford workers, recently affected by disoccupation and the police violent repression.


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