In order not to be here

Per non essere qui
by Deborah Stratman Documentary Usa 2002 23'

In Order Not to Be Here is a sheer and uncompromised look at suburban nights. It grew out of a wish to understand why people find such dwellings desirable and ended as a meditation on privacy and comforts and the huge and uncanny powers of surveillance devices. This nightly movie faces the hermetic nature of white-collars dwellings, dissecting fears coming out of contemporary suburban design. This nightmare, travelling through the vacuum grown out of the middle class broad confidence in safety and in technology, has also been made up to blur and mix up the borders of movie genres, the means of expression, the audience feelings. It is a real small chef d'oeuvre about the absence which frightens and amazes while it shows a dangerous, hard way out.


Deborah Stratman



Film submission

26° Festival


05 June - 11 June 2023

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