Pour le Mistral

Per il Mistral
by Joris Ivens Experimental Francia 1965 36'

Called by the sea, the Mistral comes down with force from the mountains to invade places and people, crosses the Rhone valley and Provence to reach the Mediterranean. Pour le Mistral (To the Mistral) is one of Ivens' lyric poems, which completes a series of thematic works strictly bound to natural elements, star ted with The Rain and risen to fame with When the Seine meets Paris. This type of cinema, Ivens said, is "the other side of my film-making art: my poetic ambition". The wind is explored in its essence, as a force of nature. This explains Ivens' impossible subjective shots trying to follow the point of view and the corporeity of the Mistral. Filming the invisible becomes a dominant of Ivens' poetics, the utopia of vision and of the cinema, which will be definitely resolved in The Wind and I, where the presence of the director legitimizes the possibility of representing an element the human eye can't perceive: the wind.


Joris Ivens



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