Il giorno dopo la fine del mondo

Panic in Year Zero!
by Ray Milland Fiction Usa 1962 93'

After miraculously surviving a nuclear attack which had razed Los Angeles to the ground, the Baldwins have to come to grips with a world where the law system had failed to survive and bands of looters rummage the land giving themselves up to all sorts of violence. Assaulted by a group of ravagers attempting at their food supplies, the father will not hesitate to kill to save his daughter. Although the film belongs to the post-nuclear current, very popular those years, Milland is more preoccupied to find a "justification" for violence recourse when social values come to a crisis point. The film is a praise to American individualism, which promises to restore order and peace in spite of everything.<%YOUTUBE=p-nPhLlMaR8%>


Ray Milland



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01 October - 06 October 2021

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