Boog e Elliot: a caccia di amici

Open Season

Sony Pictures' debut into the world of animation with an environmental-adventure film. Boog (Martin Lawrence's voice in the original, Pino Insegno's in the Italian version), a domestic grizzly unequipped for survival in the wild meets Elliot ( Ashton Kutcher's voice in the original, Francesco Pezzulli's in the Italian version), a fast-talking mule deer who momentarily upsets Boog's life of Riley. Persuaded by Elliot to leave his comfortable quarters in the park warden's garage for adventure in the great outdoors, Boog's adventures become  life-threatening risks. In the middle of a forest with only three days till the start of open season, Boog and Elliot take a crash course in wilderness survival and team up with newfound woodland friends to escape the hunters' rifle fire. The film focuses on forest protection and is part of the Greenpeace Kids for forest educational project. <%YOUTUBE=l3bRF9Xzt40%>



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05 June - 11 June 2023

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