Nous resterons sur Terre

Here to Stay
by Olivier Bourgeois, Pierre Barougier Documentary FRANCIA/FRANCE 2009 87'

Through an interplay of mirrors and contrasts between the marvel of nature and man's need to dominate it, the film courageously focuses on the precarious state of our planet. Can the current state of things be reversed? Do we really want to do something? The film leaves urgent questions open, except that, indeed, "we are here to stay". Interweaving compelling testimonies by environmentalist James Lovelock, philosopher Edgar Morin, Nobel Prize winners MikhaÁ¯l Gorbatchev and Wangari Maathai, with spectacular images and an engaging soundtrack, the film's innovative fiction-like style arouses our awareness of recent environmental emergencies.<%YOUTUBE=C2UF2o06wyk%>   

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29 May - 03 June 2020

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