Nanni e le api - Piccolo ritratto di un apicoltore

Nanni an the Bees - Small Portrait of a Beekeeper
by Alessandro Scippa Documentary Italia/Italy 2009 23'

Apiculturalist Nanni Mayer's first encounter with bees was in 1979 when he helped a friend recapture a colony from a tree. This marked the beginning of a long-term affair. To gain an appreciation for the complex relationship between a man and his hives, film director Scippa accompanies Mayer on his beekeeping chores, collecting thoughts, memories, doubts, and worries about the unexplained honey bee colony depopulation syndrome, or colony collapse disorder, affecting apiaries. The film becomes a poetic reflection, documenting various aspects of this little known profession pursued with tenacity, hard work and sacrifice, as well as respect and admiration for these busy little critters Mayer envies for their resistance to adversity.


Alessandro Scippa



Film submission

23° Festival


29 May - 03 June 2020

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