Naledi: A Baby Elephant's Tale

Naledi: la storia di un cucciolo di elefante
by Ben Bowie, Geoff Luck Documentary USA, Paesi Bassi 2016 90'

The true story of a baby elephant born at Abu Camp, a rescue camp for elephants in Botswana. When Naledi, the South African word for "star", is suddenly orphaned at age 1 month, the herd is struck by tragedy. The animal keepers and scientists at the camp provide care for her emotional development during these crucial early months to keep her alive. Against the backdrop of the savanna, dramatic moments alternate with playful scenes, revealing the unique personalities of these creatures and allowing us to discover the extraordinary inner life of an animal as complex and iconic as Africa itself.At the end of the screening, meeting with Aldo Giovanella (Pengo Life Project) and Isabella Pratesi (Preservation program of WWF Italy)


Ben Bowie, Geoff Luck


USA, Paesi Bassi

Film submission

23° Festival


29 May - 03 June 2020

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