Monte Inferno

Mount Hell
by Patrizia Santangeli 2016 6'

Since the 1970s, waste dumping, including toxic waste, has continued at a site near the village of Borgo Montello in the province of Latina, creating increased risk for human health and environmental damage to the land and water sources, like the ground water and the Astura river that flows past the mountain of rubbish and empties into the sea, with enormous economic consequences for the entire area. However, the problem can be turned into an opportunity to raise awareness about nature's beauty and the desire to transform it into a hope for change.The screening will be introduced by the director Patrizia Santangeli and author of the photographs of the film Gabriele Rozzi ( Monte Inferno ); Silvia Merlino and director Cecilia Cinelli, the actress Alice Giovacchini, the author of music Sergio Merlin ( Marine Rubbish)

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