Memoria del saqueo

Memoria del saccheggio
by Fernando E. Solanas Documentary Argentina, Svizzera, Francia 2003 118'

 Fernando Solanas goes back to his roots with 'Memoria del saqueo'. Just like for 1968's La hora de los hornos he turns to cinema, as the only media capable of investigating his country's political and social reality. The result is a raging and loving portrait of Argentina shaken by the economical crisis which it has been taken over by for the last few years along with the consequences of globalisation and neoliberist political choices of the government, not to mention the outspreading corruption and public money squandering on top of it. The film is Solanas' contribution which though offered from a fiercely militant position takes on the debate of globalisation's inhuman effects aware that another world is possible.<%YOUTUBE=kUKfF4mZ1H4%>


Argentina, Svizzera, Francia

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