La terra degli Inuit si sta sciogliendo

by Greg Hemmings Documentary Italia, Canada/Italy, Canada 2008 52'

Life in the Nunavik region, the northernmost part of Quebec straddling the Arctic and subarctic climate zones, seen from the perspective of the Inuit, the inhabitants of this vast, inhospitable territory for hundreds of years, with a particular focus on their daily emergencies: problems with hunting and other traditional activities, growing economic dependence on provincial and national government support, cultural identity crisis, and especially the far-reaching changes consequent to the rise in temperature (3-4 degrees over the past 50 years) due to global warming, which threaten the survival of a people that lives in symbiosis with its environment and the survival of a fragile ecosystem.


Greg Hemmings


Italia, Canada/Italy, Canada

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26° Festival


05 June - 11 June 2023

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