Megacities (12 Stories of Survival)

Megalopoli (12 storie di sopravvivenza)
by Michael Glawogger Documentary Austria, Svizzera 1998 95'

Baba Khan from Bombay sifts pigments, until the color ha entered each and every pore of his skin.Cassandra from Mexico City dances in the burlesque theatre, in black-and-red lingerie and fishner stockings while four men attach themeselves to her by sucking on various parts of her body.
Oleg, Borja, Kolya e Mischa from Moscow live in the streets, and they sleep in a canal in winter. Toni form New York needs 250 US$ per day for drugs, and he earns them by selling girls in a brothel that does not exists.
In twelve individual chapters, Megacities tells of life in four of the largest cities in the world. This is a film about work and survival and about those persons who don't have much of a chance in this world and that have to react with dignity, energy and inventiveness.<%YOUTUBE=jpQE2m_oROQ%>


Michael Glawogger


Austria, Svizzera

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26° Festival


05 June - 11 June 2023

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