L'Opéra-Mouffe (Carnet de notes d'une femme enceinte)

The Mouffe-Opera (Notes of a pregnant woman)
by Agnès Varda Documentary Francia 1958 17'

The working class neighbourhood of Rue Mouffettard is the scene for many every-day life episodes, captured by the eyes of a pregnant woman. Two separate worlds existing alongside each other: on one hand there is the woman's expectancy full of hope and on the other hand the desperate world of the alcoholics.
"˜The film constantly mantains the tone of a tormented work. I have had a very happy pregnancy; I wanted to portray how the pregnancy of a woman of the Mouffe could be. Sensitivity is not what you feel but what you are able to feel. The Opéra-Mouffe is a fim about panic. It is a sensitive film after all; what was seen as cruel is only anguish. It is by no means a bad film'. (AgneÌ€s Varda).


Agnès Varda



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