La vita come viaggio aziendale

Life as Corporate Holiday
by Paolo Muran Documentary Italia 2006 52'

Silvano Bignozzi and Lino Toselli are a special sort of travellers. In the 30 years the two top-notch salesmen from Bologna worked for the same company, selling grappa, sparkling wines and chamomile to coffee shops and restaurants in their sales area, they won 25 corporate trips to the world's most exotic places.
This documentary about the journeys of the Bignozzi-Toselli team has lighter moments of Italian comedy in foreign settings, but also shows the darker side of package vacations and unsustainable tourism.
Morocco, Brazil, Thailand, Kenya, California, Mexico, Egypt, Bali, Santo Domingo"”Bignozzi and Toselli have seen them all, yet what do they really know about the places they've visited? Had it been their own choice of holiday destination, neither would ever have set foot out of Italy. Yet they have ridden camels in Saudi Arabia, ogled topless dancers in Uruguay nightclubs, flown hang-gliders in Argentina and undertaken other improbable exploits offered by globalized adventure packages.


Paolo Muran



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