Best Sustainable Development Practices

Le migliori pratiche di sviluppo sostenibile
by Enrico Carlesi 2015 34'

Five short films illustrating the best farming and nutrition practices selected from the hundreds of films sent in response to an international call and shown in the last room of Padiglione Zero at Expo Milano 2015: Un mare d'erba da salvare (8') on sustainable grazing pasture management in Mongolia; I semi del futuro (7') on farming collectives in Niger; La valle nascosta (6') on regional networks supporting small coffee growers in Guatemala; Latte per crescere (6') on the development of small rural communities in Tanzania; Regalare è più bello (7') on the virtuous food consumption model of the food bank.The film Regalare è bello will be introduced by Davide Rampello (Curator of Expo 2015 Padiglione Zero), Marco Barberis (Punto Rec Studios) and the director Enrico Carlesi (Punto Rec Studios)

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