Terra libera tutti

by Emanuele Piano, Luigi Abramo Documentary Italia/Italy 2007 53'

A year at Corleone, Sicily, with the youths of the Placido Rizzotto Cooperative, founded with the support of the Libera association headed by Don Luigi Ciotti, to provide a livelihood for disadvantaged young people. A year on the land confiscated from the Mafia, following the seasonal work of planting, reaping and harvesting; the stories that demonstrate that it is possible to escape the clutches of organized crime. The courageous example of heroic personalities like Paolo Borsellino, Giovanni Falcone, and Placido Rizzotto, a union leader killed by the Cosa Nostra, are the seeds from which a future without the Mafia can be grown. Simple and direct, the film describes a little known reality that survives despite threats and obstacles, continuing its mission day by day.<%YOUTUBE=nzCSIbPGAxk%>



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