Bottled Life - Nestlé's Business with Water

La vita in bottiglia - Il business dell'acqua della Nestlé
by Urs Schnell 2012 90'

What's the recipe for transforming a common good like water into a multimillion dollar business? Having found a highly successful one, Nestlé is now a global leader in bottled water. Zurich-based journalist Res Gehrlinger and documentary filmmaker Urs Schnell journeyed the world from the United States to Nigeria and Pakistan, putting together an account of the food multinational's profitable and controversial operations and business strategies. Nestlé refused them access to facilities and declined to cooperate in the enquiry.<%YOUTUBE=DkSU4D-wiws%>


Urs Schnell

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24° Festival


01 October - 06 October 2021

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