Working Man's Death

La morte dell'operaio
by Michael Glawogger Documentary Austria, Germania 2005 122'

Back then. In 1935 the miner Alexei Stakhanov became a workers' hero: a record 102 tons of coal dug in one shift. He became a star, a politician and a legend. Today in the Ukraine: a group of men crawl through narrow shafts in illegal coal mines. In Indonesia: sulphur miners face the heat and smoke of an active volcano and the dangerous trip home. In Nigeria: blood, flames and stench are the daily bread for the workers in a crowded open air slaughterhouse. In Pakistan: a group of workers strip an abandoned oil tanker with their bare hands to get the scrap metal. In China: steelworkers worry they are headed toward extinction. Today's workers have to settle with their lot because it's better to break one's back than not have a job at all.<%YOUTUBE=8g6SfcW0gso%>


Michael Glawogger


Austria, Germania

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26° Festival


05 June - 11 June 2023

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