Katja's Adventure

by Lars Hasselholdt Fiction Danimarca, Italia 1999 81'

Katja is 9 years old and lives in Copenhagen, Denmark. Her parents are too busy with their jobs to look after her and she is very often alone. So she spends her days watching birds in the wood. One day she discovers a hawk with its chicks and starts following their growth. But on one of her visits a storm breaks and destroys their nest. All the hawks fly away but one, the youngest, who is not able to fly yet. Katja rescues it and takes shelter in a lorry where they both fall asleep. They wake up to find that the lorry left and has driven for hundreds of miles as far as Italy. Although Katja can't speak Italian, she makes new friends, but she will also have to fight to save her hawk chick from a terrible destiny.


Lars Hasselholdt


Danimarca, Italia

Film submission

26° Festival


05 June - 11 June 2023

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