Indica Mistica Mediatica

by Paolo Favero Experimental Italia 2002 34'

To westerners, India is often por trayed, according to Indian historian Sunil Khilani, as a mix of "spiritual purity and material dirtiness."India still holds an exotic allure for the west, as if frozen in time, forever caught up in ancient traditions and folklore. In showing these alluring differences, exoticism tends to over look changes that have made India a producer of modernity and relegate the country to a secondary role in the global system, keeping industrialized countr ies from engag ing in exchanges among equals. Indica Mistica Mediatica questions the conventional images of India, as it shows a side of India rarely seen in western mass media. This video installation (conceived as a continually evolving project) is an e xperimental form of anthropological documentary, created to involve spectators in an array of movement through the intense interaction of images, original words and music recorded live in Indian cities.


Paolo Favero



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24° Festival


01 October - 06 October 2021

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