Immigration, il giardino delle lucciole

Immigration, fireflies garden
by Gerardo Mariotti-Luy Documentary Svizzera/Switzerland 2008 15'

This documentary is a collage of video documents of "Hybrid Gardens" from the private archives of Francesco Mariotti, with TV images and sequences shot by Gerardo Mariotti-Luy in Turin and Zurich. "Hybrid Gardens" is a metaphor on our society, immigration, images and culture. The video has no chronological order and is neither educational nor scientific in scope. Instead, its lively music soundtrack sets the background to a variety of images that construct a dialogue between nature and technology, the real and the artificial. The fireflies inhabiting the Park of Living Art are announced artificially over Mariotti's installation system, along with a performance of a "wedding march of the fireflies", preceded by extracts of video documents and photographs of "real" fireflies. Images and commentary by people, visitors, and persons involved in the project, art historians, biologists, architects, and artists are presented together with written messages that serve as an interpretive guide.




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