Le monde n'est pas une marchandise - Contre la malbouffe

Il mondo non è in vendita. La rivolta contro il malmangiare

The French section of Indymedia, which has realised this collection of video, is born in Millau, the Seattle on Tarm, as has been named thank to Mr. José Bové exploits, become a person of international popularity after the symbolic assault to the local under construction Mc Donald's, to protest against the penalty gived by WTO to Europe because of refusal to import hormone beef.
The process against Bové has briefly become the process against the "bad-eating" and the connected
agricoltural politics made of scatterbrained subsids, chemistry and genetic engineering. This has been possible thank to the support of the actvists networking, in frist the local Confédération Paysanne , the international contacts and meeting such as the Inernational Caravan held during the Summer 1999 and the Geneva contro-summit during June 2000, where, under the banner "Lets Globalize the Resistance", Bové and militantsfrom Millau and France have protested together with citizens and farm workers from North annd South of the world.



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