The Last Trapper

by Nicolas Vanier Fiction Italy, France, Canada, Switzerland, Germany 2004 94'

Norman Winter lives in the heart of the Rocky Mountains togheter with Nebraska, his Nahanni Indian wife, and his sled dogs. Far from modern society's materialitity, Winter survives on what nature provides by gathering, hunting and fishing. With experience and skill, he made his snowshoes, sled and canoe from wood taken from the forest. Once a year he travels to town to trade his pelts for basic necessities: flour, matches, candles, batteries. Every day he has to face the need to survive, whether on long treks or defending himself against attack by bears and wolves. Yet the beauty and the sensations raw nature offers generously compensate compensate the risk of living at the edge.


Nicolas Vanier


National Film Board of Canada, MC4Distribution, TF1Cinéma, Mikado, Pandora Film


Italy, France, Canada, Switzerland, Germany

Film submission

24° Festival


01 October - 06 October 2021

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