Le sabotier du Val de Loire

The Clogmaker of the Loire Valley
by Jacques Demy Documentary Francia 1955 26'

The work of the "˜sabotier', the clogmaker, is followed in all its phases, unchanged with time, just the same as the director recollected them from his childhood. "˜This was the basic idea of the film: some kind of happiness found within ourselves, after having spent our life well and wisely. Unlike my later films, I made a very careful "˜découpage' from the shots taken, because I didn't know where I was going and I wanted to know whether I could use a cinecamera... In reality, I had forgotten about it, it was a remake: I had done , on a 9.5, a first version of "˜Le sabotier' when I was about fifteen or sixteen years old, before I went to Paris. It was only a documentary, much more than the second one because I was staying there, I found myself in that house: so I didn't have the memory of that house, I just filmed what I had in front of me'. (Jaques Demy).


Jacques Demy



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