Il cartun d'le ribelliun

The Rebels' Trek from Venaus to Rome
by Adonella Marena Documentary Italia/Italy 2008 85'

Summer 2006. Marchers set out from Venaus in the Susa Valley and arrived in Rome, some 800 km and 8 days later. The aim of the NOTAV coalition trek was to explain why it is against the High-Speed Train project. Along the way, the dauntless merry marchers crossed other towns and met other people travelling the same road, like the two civil coalitions NOPONTE and NOMOSE. On arrival in Rome, they delivered a cartload of appeals to the Italian Parliament. This is the story of a contagious utopia that originated from a mountain village and spread across the country, firing the hopes of citizens seeking a sense of community and participation. <%YOUTUBE=qfhOlwci5dE%>

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